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Strawberry Apple Pancakes Chinese Style~

So the other day grocery shopping I felt a little homesick for my mom’s famous strawberry pancakes with home-made whipped cream.. they are literally heaven, unbelievable. So I decided to try and make myself feel at home by making some.

After wondering through some isles looking for baking powder and soda which was right across the from the sugar, I knew I needed to find flour (maybe I can attempt to make other things in the future). I asked a sales lady, and by me saying I asked, I typed it on my iPhone and showed her, she pointed in a general direciton because no one here will actually walk you to it, they just point, and I set off to find flour.

I found it! In the rice isle, whahoo! Now there were at least twenty different kinds of flour, and I think some were fish flavored so I grabbed the most “normal” looking flour praying it would be right.

This morning I substituted milk for a light strawberry yogurt (the milk here is powdered or weird and doens’t taste the best).

So I literally threw everything together, that how I like to cook and bake, no set ingredients go  by look, texture etc.

Annnddd… it WORKED!

I threw on some strawberry jam because there are no strawberries here, and then I fried up some thin apple slices for a little crunch and fruit taste.

Wow, Martha would be proud. Martha Stewart that is. That’s one show I miss by the way, I love her show it always has such agreat ideas.

Anyways, so here you go, the final presentation.. come visit me and I’ll make you some 🙂

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