Badaling, Beijing China: The GREAT Wall

So on Tuesday October 9th, it was decided that the Great Wall must be conquered!

I packed a lunch (and snacks of course) and set out on a mission to climb some its historical steps! After taking the wrong subway to the OTHER side of Beijing (thanks to a friends wrong directions, haha) I finally arrived to bus 877 which would then take us to the Great Wall.

I’ve been to the Great Wall back in 2007 but to a different location. This one was quite a bit easier of a climb and the views were absolutely breathtaking. Luckily that day it stopped raining, the sun came out and it was a brisk day for the climb which I think is perfect weather.

The best part was that the leaves were changing around the Great Wall, and it really made it even better. I even got a bit homesick for lovely Wisconsin and its amazing falls it holds.

At the top of one of the peaks of stairs all the sudden, I became the attraction! Haha. I took about 12 pictures with different chinese citizens, it was so much fun! Next time I think i’m going to ask them for a picture instead 😉


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