Beijing, China: Next Stop, Beijing Zoo!

The zoo itself was very interesting to say the least.. it was chaos getting in and around (so many people because of Holiday). The exhibits were alright but quite honestly slightly depressing, most of the animals cages were cement with almost no vegetation. It was hard to walk through and enjoy it when you know the animals do not have the proper environment to live in happily.

We went to see the panda exhibit and that was insane! People were pushing and elbowing and at one point I swear I was off the ground being held up by just the people around me! It was worse than the 2003 Incubus concert I went to, where LITERALLY I was in the front of a mosh pit that I did NOT want to be a part of! The panda is a symbol of friendship, and unfortunately it was sad to see it too living in a very tiny, loud and chaotic environment.

Another part of the zoo,  was a river that ran through it was gorgeous!

The last attraction was us. A zoo within the zoo. We took pictures with children, said hello and goodbye to more people than I can count! It was a blast!



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